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Ingredients To Have So You Can Make Almost Any Recipes

While on vacation I truly felt like a brand new cook. With cupboards bare I really felt how hard it was to make a even simple recipe. I missed my kitchen like crazy. . If your just starting out in your own kitchen don't get discouraged. It takes time to build up your spice cabinet and pantry. Once established, you won't have to spend an arm and a leg getting all the ingredients for every recipe your trying out. You'll have them on hand. . Here are my top ingredients I like to have on hand. First and foremost I'd like to bring light the top three ingredients that I use in almost EVERY single recipe and ones I cannot cook without. .

Top Three: - Garlic - Onions - Italian Seasoning . Other favorites are: - Olive Oil - Salt & Pepper - Cheese - Paprika - Basil - Red Pepper Flakes - Parsley - Garlic Powder

- Thyme

- Oregano - Bay Leafs - Chicken Seasoning . This is a solid base for most common recipes and will help you on your way in making any delicious flavorful recipes you come across.


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