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How To Clean Kamado Grill | Kamado Grill Cleaning

How to clean Kamado grill 101. In this article you will find out exactly how to clean Kamado grill, how to set your grill up for Kamado grill cleaning, as well as all the tools you need to get the job done. Let's get dirty by cleaning our grill. Let me show you exactly all you need to know about Kamado grill cleaning.

Kamado grill cleaning is essential to maintain its performance and ensure the longevity of the equipment. You do not have to do it often, but I do suggest every year or two. It isn't too hard and you do not need many tools. Lets run through how to clean your Kamado grill together.

How To Clean Kamado Grill


Charcoal (I used Charcoal Chariots XL Lump Charcoal) Lighter (I used my Looft electric lighter) Wood (Optional, but highly recommended)

SETTING YOUR KAMADO UP FOR DEEP CLEANING 1. First, remove any ash from the bottom. You want a clean space for air to move up through to maximum temperatures. Removing all the ash will create a clean space for air to run through the Kamado grill cleaning.

2. Open up both top and bottom vents. How to clean kamado grill requires the highest temperatures to burn off all grease and debris. For maximum airflow for maximum heat, you need to open all vents. You also want to remove your temperature gage as well as any plastic vents at the top. We will be reaching such high temperatures, protect these parts.

3. Remove your grill grates. They do not want to see 1000 degree temperatures for such a long period. Give your Kamado a quick wipe down as well as scrub. Any dirt you can remove before your kamado grill cleaning the better. I even use a scraper for hard to reach places.

4. Fill your hopper up with charcoal. I used Charcoal Chariots XL Lump charcoal. It burns long and hot, just what we need in this how to clean kamado tutorial. Fill your basket to the maximum. I even used a couple pieces of wood to really get the flames to hit the top of the kamado. Once you light your charcoal, let it get rip roaring hot with tall flames, add your wood (optional) and close your lid. With all vents wide open it should take 45 minutes to reach 1000 degrees. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR KAMADO WHEN THIS HOT. Let it burn out and cool down completely before opening or touching our grill.


Let's take a deep look into how my Kamado grill looked before I showed you how to clean your kamado grill, and after. As you can see the high heat and flames really hit every inch of this clay kamado. Turning it from dark black to a clean new white clay. Your grill is almost as good as new.




  • Make sure your grill is completely cooled before starting to clean.

  • When your Kamado reaches a temperature of 1000 degrees, please do not open and play with the fire. Let it be contained within the Kamado and only open once cooled off.

  • Remember this is live fire at extreme temperatures. Please ensure all safter precautions.

  • You also want to remove your temperature gage as well as any plastic vents at the top. We will be reaching such high temperatures, protect these parts.

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