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Proud Louisiana Grills Brand Ambassador with a brand new Founders Series 1200 Pellet Grill ,Black Label Series 1200 pellet grill, 700 series pellet grill and Kamado K24 Charcoal Grill.  Showing how easy and fun grilling can be with recipes anyone can get into.  Easy BBQ | Good BBQ Food | BBQ Meals

Proud Pitboss Grills brand ambassador with their 4 Burner Griddle that changed the way I cook outdoors. Check in with some fun creative griddle cooks that will have you making all your meals outdoors.


Pitboss Grills Recipes

Proud Chickens Farmers of Canada @ChickenDotCA Ambassador for the year 2021.

Spreading awareness of the importance of always buying Canadian Chicken, supporting our local communities aiding in growing our economy.  With 90% off Canadian Chicken Farmers family ran farms, let their family feed our Canadian families.

Proud ambassador of Gyber Outdoors with their Fremont Gyber Pizza Oven made perfect for that wood fire taste.  This Gyber Pizza oven reaches scorching temperatures to crisp up any pizza or sear any steak. 


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