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Bacon Poutine

Bacon Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian legacy. Steamy hot fries covered with melted cheese curds and smothered in brown gravy. Adding bacon only makes it more of a Canadian thing. It originated in Province of Quebec and in french is slang for "a mess". A mess of a good thing. . Ingredients: - Fries (Frozen, Bag) - Cheese Curds (In a pinch you can substitute with Swiss cheese) - Gravy (packaged, brown) - Bacon (3 Strips, chopped) Directions: 1. Bake frozen fries as directed on package. In a large frying pan add the bacon. Cook until the desired crispiness. And Chop into medium to small pieces. 2. In a small pot, cook gravy as directed on package. 3. In order to get melted cheese as you eat this next process is important. Quickly combine fries, then cheese curds, then cover in gravy as quick as possibly.


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