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10k Celebration Cookies | Digital Influencer

10k is something I never thought I’d get to and was fine with. But now that I’m here, it sure does feel good.

Sharing my life, my love of food, on this platform, is such a blessing. Meeting such an amazing community - even better. It is why I’ve stayed committed this past year and a half. The people who become friends on here. They support you and one another. Make you strive to be better. Push you out of your comfort zones. Pick you up when your down, and also raise you higher when your high. It’s about community........

Of people who have such a deep love of life and food. And how it connects people. I love y’all and blessed that your here. Cheers 🤍


🍪 C O O K I E S provided by Cookies Carrots and Chemistry like an artist, she always brings a vision into a reality with these hand crafted cookies 🍪


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So true my friend! I leaned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing. Not just your food but little things about you and your family. But most of all the great smile you just make me smile every tome I see you get so excited about what your speaking about. Thank you

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