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A Mom Who Wears Many Hats

Hey I'm Kara. My husband calls me Martha, but I'm just a stay at home mom who wears many hats. Blogging about my life, cause I think its a pretty fun one and maybe you will think so too. DESIGN: I'm an Etsy shop owner, designing and hand creating custom made signage and personalized gifts. I've had this small business before I was married. I knew if I wanted to stay home after having children that I would need to fill my time and bringing in some income for our family. I'm also a DIY fanatic. I really believe if someone else can do it, so can I. So I create fun projects with our son, make smash cakes, and paint anything I can get my hands on. FOOD: I believe in eating whole foods. That can mean so many things to so many people. To me, its striving to eat on the outside walls of the grocery store. The meat, produce, diary, and breads. The less processed and whole foods. That does not mean I do not drag my feet through the inside isles of the grocery store, I just try not to. Making my own soup broths, juices, and all our food to avoid preservatives and high sodium foods you find in canned and boxed goods. Good thing I LOVE to cook. So I spread my knowledge of cooking wholesome food that isn't too much money, or time to feed yourself and your family well. I flood my social media feeds with food because well, I cook often.

PHOTOGRAPHER: My passion of photography all started 15 years ago when I received my first digital camera. Capturing my life moments in a unique creative way keeps me grounded. Taking the step in opening @ScaleAndTailorPhotography felt natural and right. Having almost a full portfolio ready to be showcased from the years of capturing loved ones. MOM/WIFE: Most importantly, I'm a wife and mother. Wife of 3 years, and mother to an almost 2 year old boy. Taking care of my family is what truly makes me happy inside. Providing a loving and safe home, doing preschool activities, keeping full tummies for both my boys, open communication, and LOTS of hugs and kisses warms my heart. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and what this blog is all about. Updating as much as I can on above topics is my NEW favorite past time. #TorontoBlog #CanadianBlog #MomBlog #MommyBlog #FoodBlog #PersonalBlog #StayAtHomeMomBlog #StayAtHomeMom #StayAtHomeParent #SAHP #SAHM #Mom #Mommy #Photographer #Photoshoot #TorontoPhotographer #TorontoPhotoshoot #Motherhoodunplugged #Motherhood #EasterPhotoshoot #EasterMinis #MotherhoodRising #MomTribe #BloggerMom #MomLife #MomentsInMothering


Hey if your interested follow along in this blogging journaling journey with me. I'm Kara. Stay at home mom, wife of 3 years, foodie, photographer, Etsy shop owner, and DIY fanatic. Like, follow, and comment to support!! Our goal is to create a community of parents helping parents. Join us daily in our live chat room to meet our tribe. @ScaleAndTailor BLOG @ScaleAndTailorDesigns DESIGNS @ScaleAndTailorPhotography PHOTOGRAPHY

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