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One Stop Grocery Shop: The Real Canadian Superstore


As a Stay At Home Mom, I'm always looking for ways to save time AND money. Here is why The @RealCanadianSuperStore is my all-time favourite grocery store and allows me to #ShopLikeAMother . They are a one stop shop grocery store. Not only is it a wonderfully clean grocery store that stocks all groceries I need, but they also sell @JoeFresh clothing there too, which lets clothe my whole family in the same trip. Their decor section always has modern and traditional looks that make our home up to date and inviting and the cosmetic and toiletry section always has just what I need. In all honesty, what


I LOVE most about shopping at The @RealCanadianSuperStore is that they always have an amazing meat section. Extreme quality and reasonably priced meats keeps me coming back time and time again. After all, it is usually the bulk of our grocery bill.

. They also have a great rewards program called @PresChoice Optimum, where for every 10,000 points I get $10 in free groceries. They also have specials where if I spend a certain amount in one shot I get their weekly product for free. And let me tell you, these freebies are so useful! I usually save up my points for Christmas time when I need the money for presents and I get “free” groceries. A little present to myself, courtesy of The @RealCanadianSuperStore!

. Having my little one in tow, I don't want to go to multiple stores to get what I need when I can go to The @RealCanadianSuper in one stop and get everything I need and more! I want to Shop-Like-A-Mother. A Superwomen who gets it all done!!

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