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Compliments on Instagram and Facebook | Pass The Compliments To The Chef | Compliments Partnership

IT IS OFFICIAL!! Sobeys and Safeways house brand "Compliments" is now on Instagram and Facebook. We all deserve compliments and this month we are showcasing how to pass the compliments to the chef to spread love and kindness to those who feed us. As a new Compliments partnership begins for ScaleAndTailor, let's get into how compliments can help.

My love language is feeding people so when my sons says ‘WOW Mom, this is the best dinner I've ever had’, it is like they are giving me a BIG HUG and saying, 'Mom, I love you too.' My BBQ sausage recipe always does just that! '

I've teamed up with @Compliments_CA to recreate these tasty BBQ sausages, complete with all the fixin's. Using their romaine lettuce, macaroni salad, soft sausage buns, and a delicious assortment of their condiments - I think I've managed

to serve up another guaranteed "Best Dinner Ever" from my boys and does it ever feel good :)

Who is the special chef in your life? Thinking today could be a good day to tell them just how much you love their meals.

Also, don't miss your chance to win a $5000 gift card until April 6 or 1 of 10 Compliments product bundles!


- Like their contest post

- Tag a friend & pay them a compliment within the comments

- Talk about spreading some kindness!


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