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Pumpkin Napkin Fold | Napkin Folding Thanksgiving | Napkin Folding Ideas

There are so many traditions associated with Thanksgiving. In our home, we have done the Pumpkin Napkin Fold for many years. Its an Easy Napkin Folding Ideas came to life. This pumpkin napkin fold is SO easy I can show you in a 20 second video.

I've always loved napkin folding ideas. Creating Christmas Trees during the Christmas Season and scary ghosts at Halloween. It creates fun table talk around with the family and guests.


Toilet Paper Roll (used, cut in half)

Twig (broken into pieces)



Napkin folding thanksgiving is super easy with this napkin folding idea. This pumpkin napkin fold only requires 3 materials and almost every home has on hand.

First you cut your used toilet paper roll in half (every toilet paper roll, yields two pumpkin napkin fold). Lay your napkin out flat in a square or rectangle. Place one half of the toilet paper roll, seem up. Starting with one corner of the napkin, begin to fold the napkin into the toilet paper roll until all seems are tucked into it.

Shape into a pumpkin like shape and place a torn piece of twig in the middle. It is that easy to do a Pumpkin Napkin Fold.

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Nov 13, 2020

Thanks for sharing and outstanding video

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