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Smoked Dino Ribs | Smoked Beef Short Ribs | Louisiana Grills 1200 Black Label

The Type

What kind of beef ribs do you have? Beef short ribs have the meat sitting on top of the bone. They come both as a rack OR individual. Beef ribs have the meat in between the bones.

The Prep

Unlike pork ribs where you want to remove the silver skin, beef short ribs - you do not! Because the meat sits on top of the bone, leaving the silver skin on ensures the meat does not fall off the bone during the cooking process. You do, however, want to remove any large masses of fat at the top as it will not render down.

Bind with mustard and rubbed down with a simple course salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning generously or beef seasoning. The Cook

Preheat your smoker to 250 degrees. Once it reached temp, place your ribs directly on your grill. Spraying with Dr. Pepper or beef broth every hour. Once reached an internal temperature of 200 degrees (approx 5-7 hours) remove, wrap, wrap with a towel, and rest in a cool for 1-2 hours. You really need a slow heat to render down all the fat within these ribs, get a good pull back from the bone, and a great tender taste. The dark bark should be well developed with an almost sticky consistency. Once unwrapped enjoy immediately.

GRILL: 1200 Black Label by Louisiana Grills

PELLETS: Gourmet Blend by Pitmasters Choice Pellets (use Scaleandtailor10 or a 10% discount at )

KNIFE: Titan Forge, Boning knife

RUB: @QueenOfTheGrill on Instagram

Smoked Dino Ribs | What is a dino rib?


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