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Some Girls Buy Purses, Others Buy Tomahawk Steak | BBQ Quotes | Steak Quotes

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

"Some Girls Buy Purses, Others Buy Tomahawk Steak" - ScaleAndTailor is what I said to my husband when ordering some superb quality meat for our New Years Eve feast. Some girls like to treat themselves to new shoes or a new purse, others like quality marbling. Here you'll find a new segment of BBQ Quotes for you to giggle over. Steak Quotes for days.

I've always loved food quotes to brighten your day. Whenever I'm standing in my kitchen and slurring something to my husband just he laughs so hard. I began writing them down as he said I really need to start sharing these BBQ quotes. Steak quotes just naturally come east to me, don't be a - missed steak.

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