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My Almost 2 Year Old Is Not Talking

My wonderful son of 21 months is a bundle of awesomeness. Since he was a month old he has topped the charts on both weight and height scale. People also associate a big baby with big expectations as they look older then they actually are. Eating solids, sitting up by himself, to walking; I've always had the confidence that he was on track. Until I had an almost two year old who hasn't began talking yet.

Opinions go from one extreme to the other. Some optimistic people say he will talk "when he is ready" or "boys take longer then girls" or "he wont be a 16 year old who doesn't talk". Others plain out ask "Why" or if "I'm talking out loud to him enough at home". I actually had a random man in Costco tell me he needed to watch more television so he learns to talk more. Hey, I know everyone's advice is their own and they are only TRYING to help........ but it does not make me feel any better about the situation. I'm a worrier. That is my kid. I'm his Mom. If he is falling behind, its my job to teach him better. So I devote my days trying to get him to speak. To strengthen his vocabulary skills. We establish that he knows almost everything I point to in books. He knows what objects are, he just can not say them. So anything he points to or wants, I take the extra second to ask him and patiently wait for an answer. We talk colors, animals, shapes and sounds. We drink long straws to strengthen the muscles in his mouth. I talk to him endlessly. To the point that if I go into the grocery store alone, I find myself saying "lemon" and "Muffin" out loud like a crazy person talking to herself. These are the little day to day worry of parents. One of many many we will encounter in the years he grows older. I know that I'm confident he will develop these skills in due time with me holdings his hand along the way.

I'd love to hear any advice you have on strengthening your child's vocabulary that has worked for you and your family. Like and comment below.


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