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Do Valentines Day, Frugally

Valentines Day. I'm kinda the in between mom when it comes to celebrating. I refuse to spend money on a Hallmark Holiday but I'm also a stay at home mom who lives for some excitement. So yes, I am going to celebrate the crap out of Valentines Day - Frugally. My husband and I rarely exchange expensive gifts. Flowers and a nice card is my husbands style and I love it. This will mark the 6th year I have made him a hand made card and usually attempt to bake him Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies - unsuccessfully but they are his favorite. (I have to admit, this year I ordered the cookies) With our son now in tow, I want to paint the house red lol. VALENTINES GIVE-A-WAYS For our Valentines Give Away's at daycare, we ordered these gorgeous modern Prism Heart Shaped cookies from a local Toronto cookie artist @CookiesCarrotsChemistry. They conveniently come individually wrapped at an affordable cost. My son goes to daycare once a week and there are only 3 other children there. Hence why they do little gifts per holiday. Watch my son make his very own Valentines Day tags for these cookies for an extra personalized touch everyone is sure to adore.

Materials Needed: - Paper (I used red card stock - construction paper works just as well). - Paint (Colors of your choice. I chose White and Red) - Pre-Packaged Cookies (I ordered Toronto's Local @CookiesCarrotsChemistry) - Ribbon - Black Sharpie - Scissors

Step One - Create the Craft: Get your toddler ready. I like a full sleeve bib that is easily washed so I don't have to be paranoid about getting paint on his clothes. Tape the paper you have on hand on the surface your working on. This is so it is controlled while they are creating. Dab paint onto the hand made stamp and let them go nuts. - The Toilet Paper Roll Stamp: Fold one side of a empty round toilet paper roll and tape it to secure its position. Step Two - Making the Tag: Trace a heart shaped cookie cutter or free hand it with a pencil and draw. Make heart shapes on the craft paper your toddler crafted worked on. Use the lines to cut out hearts. On the back on the hearts, using the black sharpie, write: "Happy Valentines Day" or the message of your choice. PRO CRAFTER: Since I'm a perfectionist (ugh) see my Silhouette Cameo DIY Heart Shape Tags video for step by step instructions. Please comment below if you want me to send you the video. It is not Youtube worthy, but alas its still a step by step guide. Step Three - Attached Tag to Cookie: Create holes at the top of the heart to attached ribbon with. Wrap the ribbon around the packaged cookie and tie in a bow to secure. I will edit and post pictures after we pick them up :) THE DECOR

I have bins downstairs of all the different holiday decor. Valentines day isn't even a bin - its a bag. We used this table cloth as a kid growing up, napkins pack from three years ago, and I made those banners that I use for photo shoots last year. So this whole decor set up I did not leave the house or spend a dime on. So you see, you too can celebrate this "Hallmark Holiday" with little to no expense. Decorate with your child, get them excited to make their family Valentines. Make Memories and embrace this holiday with love <3


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