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Easy Chalk Paint Furniture DIY

Why DIY chalk painting furniture is super easy. Guys, in the past I've refinished a bare minimum of 5 pieces of furniture. From stripping paint off (gross), to painting, and even staining two dressers to look alike. Chalk paint is by far the easiest and here is why.

- Drys super quick - Does not have a toxic smell (can be done indoors) - Applies to almost any surface

- Little to no surface pre-work needed (no sanding, stripping, etc) MATERIALS NEEDED: - Chalk Paint (I used Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Chiffon Cream Colour)

- Chalk Paint Brush (or any paint brush) - Protected cardboard or cloth

Step #1 - Clean Surface. No matter the material, whatever your working with needs a good wipe down so you have a clean dry area to work with. Step #2 - Apply Chalk Paint. Apply at least 2 thin coats of the chalk paint. For the more solid look, apply more. For more of a used/antique look, apply less (you could even sand down edges to achieve this look better). Note: This paint drys very quickly. So you really do not want to go over area once painted. Make long even strokes.

Step #3 - Apply Clear Coat. Approximately 5 hours the paint should be completely dry. Sand down edges if you wish to have the antique look. Dust off any debris. Apply a thick coat of clear coat. Use a new paint brush to apply clear coat or thoroughly clean the chalk brush by running it through cold water unto clear. Wait until completely dried (I left it over night). It really is that simple. To reuse / recycle an old piece of furniture. Saves our environment as well as our wallets.


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