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Pre-Schooling My Two Year Old

Even before having a child, home schooling has always interested me. Having the control over what your child is experiencing and learning excites me. I want to teach our child things that I believe to be basic common human needs that is not necessarily always taught in our school system today. Things like how to cook, grow your own food, the importance of connecting with the outdoors, preparing taxes, and money related subjects like the saving and different types of investing. An alternative schooling approach I liked to call it in my head. Now that our son, who is now approaching the age of two, and my opinion has shifted slightly. I realize the importance of social interactions that he isn't getting on a day to day basis at home with me. He might look like his fathers twin, but he has my personality 100%. A social butterfly. When I see him at the Early Age Centers (Ontario, Canada), the library, or simply having a play date, he is smiling ear to ear, squealing with joy that he has someone to play with. I decided that, for him, school was necessary. I will preschool him until he goes to school and put him in as many social opportunities as much as we possibly can until then. I think it was the first time he learned how to say his first colour, "Black" that I was addicted to him learning. Over night he turned into a sponge, soaking up all the information he could around him. This pushed me to push him. Colours...puzzels..counting... "wow he is grasping this stuff"... sorting...alphabet...fine motor skills. I wanted to learn everything I could about pre-school activities and Montessori toys to keep him engaged and actively learning. Through talking to my sister with her Master of education, research and lovely Instagram accounts for ideas, I realized that I can do everything I possibly can to harbor the knowledge he needs before school in our home in our way. A Fun and inviting way to learning :) Visit our social media pages for the full experience. We love to share our days!! #EarlyLearning #PlayIsLearning #PlayBasedLearning #LearningThroughPlay #Childhoodunplugged #DIYMom #StayAtHomeMom #StayAtHomeParent #KidsActivities #ToddlerActivities #PreschoolActivities #ToddlerActivitiesAtHome #HomeschoolPreschool #PreschoolAtHome #EarlyYearsIdeas #Motherhoodunplugged #StayAtHomeMom #SAHM #SAHP #StayAtHomeParentBlog #StayAtHomeMomBlog #MotherhoodRising #MomentsInMotherhood #ToddlersOfInstagram #HonestlyMothering #BeingAMom #Toddlerhood #BloggerMom #MommyDiaries #MomTribe


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