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Stickers: Why Every Toddler Should Use Them

Why Stickers? These little sheets of wonder that put a giant smile on any kids face are great for so many different reasons. Best part about them is they don't even know how great they are developmentally for them. Neat pincer grasp (aka those pinching fingers) - the holy grail of fine motor skills. Being able to hold in the pinching position is delicate work. I also try and change up the sizes of the stickers to give him extra challenge. The smaller the sticker, the more difficult it is. I also use different surfaces to stick the stickers on, creating resistance or ease of each material used. Bilateral Hand Coordination - Completing tasks that require both hands. Hand writing, using zippers, and even using scissors all require bilateral hand coordination. In order to remove a sticker, you must hold the sheet of paper with one hand, and remove with the other. Visual Scanning - the art of using your eyes to scan. Like finding someone in a crowd, reading, or scanning a sticker sheet to select the one they want. Using colors and shapes, you can harness their visually scanning skills. These are just some ways stickers have been such a great developmental tool we use to preschool at home and get our son ready for school. #StayAtHomeMom #SAHM #SAHP #StayAtHomeParent #MomBlog #DIYBlog #StayAtHomeParentBlog #StayAtHomeMomBlog #ChildhoodUnplugged #ClickInMoms #MotherhoodRising #MotherhoodUnplugged #LifeAsMamas #InstaMom #Momlife #MomentsInMotherhood #ToddlersOfInstagram #HonestlyMothering #BeingAMom #MomsWhoBlog #Toddlerhood #BloggerMom #MommyDiaries #PlayIsLearning #MomTribe


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