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Why We Love Early Years Programs

I am so glad we discovered these government run programs when my son was only 3 weeks old. It is a place where children and parents can go to play, learn, develop and grow in and around Ontario, Canada. Theme days are such a hit and one of the reasons we love going. Dinosaurs Days where we learn about fossils and beasts before our time, meeting 7 day old chickens in the spring time, and magical whimsical princess days are the most recent. It makes child led learning fun for my almost 2 year old. Whats my favorite part? ITS FREE!!!!

I love the separated areas of play. There is a music center, kitchen and house area, padded jungle gym area, imagination play area, and interactive play area to just name a few. There is even a controlled area where sensory bins and activities are set up. Get them dirty without having to clean up your own home. Home made Playdoh, water bins, and sand tables, all with the theme of day inspiration. There is even a place where you can feed your child separately. Did I mention, ITS FREE?

These programs are not just for children, they are also such an amazing resource for adults too. Mommies and Daddies can also learn so much from these programs. Different milestones I can expect, new ways to teach and new things to teach our son at home. It’s also a place to meet like minded people. Other parents that are in the same chapter in life. People you can easily talk to. Imagine people just like you and who ALSO want to talk about poopy diapers, sleep times, feeding schedules and whether they were up all night long or not. It’s a place where parents can talk about the trails and tribulations of parenthood. Oh, and its FREE!! If anyone knows me, knows I'm a crazy nut when it comes to cleaning and being clean. With this being said, there is one stigma behind Early Years Centers that I really want to squash!! They are NOT germ infested breading grounds. Some parents homes can carry more sickness then Early Age Program Centers. I can confidently tell you that these toys are sanitized daily. There are "Toys To Be Washed" bins located all over for toys that end up in your child's mouth on get dirty in any way. We all get the dreaded flu seasons and how we try and stay away from other sick children, but do not let it make you stay inside all year round. Get out, enjoy these FREE amazing programs our government provides us. We truly are so fortunate. Sneak Peek at today's events and guest: Author, Teacher, and Speaker, Carolyn J Morris of Railfence Books provided us with such a wonderful morning. She introduced us to her books. My favourite, "Into Town" which is full of singing, rhyming, and repetition. Along with her books she brought baby chickens. I do not know who was more excited, me or my son. She also gave out free wild flower seeds were looking forward to planting. My 2 year old was just ear to ear all morning thanks for Carolyn. For more on her please visit,


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