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How To Have Strip Loin Steak All Summer For Less Then $5 each

I dunno about you but here in Canada beef is EXPENSIVE!! Getting a premium cut steak for under $10 is nearly impossible. Picture me standing in Costco's meat isle, staring at this beautiful Strip Lion Whole Roast for a whopping $135. I know how happy this is going to make my Irish steak loving husband. He has been requesting it weekly since the snow has melted and I've been struggling to find sales anywhere. I also know, this is our whole weekly grocery budget. Even though this is a big ticket item NOW, it will save us SO much in the long run. NOTE: you can also buy beef tenderloin roast (more commonly on sale and just as good) I cover my eyes and put it into my cart. As the clerk rings me through, I chit chat explaining how I'm going to save so much money this summer. The clerk loved the idea but said, "who cuts it up"? I DO!! With a couple cutting boards and a sharp knife it is very easy to cut up and individually package/freeze for all summer long. NOTE: If you do not like touching raw meat, grab rubber gloves from the grocery store. Watch this tutorial is on how I step by step cut strip loin whole roast for steaks under $5.00 each all summer long.


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