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Are Pancakes and Waffles The Same Thing? | Belgian Waffles on National Waffle Day, August 24

Torill's Table Waffle and Pancake mix makes the greatest Belgian Waffles
National Waffle Day, August 24

With Torill's Table Waffle and Pancake Mix ( it's like having crepes on the inside and waffles on the outside. It has such a wonderful hint of sweet and almond flavor. Bringing traditions from Norway to Canada with this nutritious and delicious Belgian waffle mixture. One morning we felt like pancakes, so my son and I decided to have a ton of fun with them. Making heart shaped rainbow pancakes that were not only fun but delicious. We gobbled them up in no time. He even asked for more. This nutritional breakfast was a Mom win. We just followed the simple directions for "Belgian Waffles" on the packaging, added some food coloring, added some butter to a pan, used 1/3 cup and fried on both sides for 4 minutes. Next up with this delicious Belgian Waffle mix were going to be making some Waffle BLT Sandwiches because I simply cannot get enough of this great tasting mixture.

Are pancakes and waffles the same thing? Certainly with Torill's Table. Norwegian waffles, Belgian waffles, crepes, pancakes, or rainbow pancakes are made easy with Torill's Table Waffle & Pancake Mix.

Are Pancakes and waffles the same thing?
Belgian Waffles
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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2020

Thank you for the recipe. They look great

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