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Breakfast Grazing Board | Charcuterie Board Inspiration | Charcuterie Board Ideas

HANGOVER BREAKFAST. I mean when I'm hungover I sure as heck don't want to make this, but it sure is all the foods I crave when I am. Now, how many times can I say I love you to my husband before he cures this gnarly headache of mine.

When it comes to charcuterie board inspiration, I let my tummy decide, clearly. This morning I had all the brunch feels and it gave me all the charcuterie board ideas. With french toast on my mind, I knew I wanted a breakfast spread. Breakfast Grazing board it was!


French Toast (Sprinkled with icing sugar) Sausage


Mixed Nuts


Strawberry Roses



Chocolate Chips

Maple Syrup (I use Carrick Bros)

Honey (I use Peace River Honey)


Photography wise, I knew I wanted a cozy winter feel, because it's how I was feeling that day. On holidays, bundled at home, buried in snow. I went the slow and lazy approach to this breakfast grazing board. I wanted to have fun with it.

Remember to always pop your food with colour. Whether that be with your actual food OR with props. With this charcuterie board inspiration, I went with the Canadian Winter vibe. Red buffalo plaid, winter greens, with lots of colour within my food. Charcuterie Board Ideas are never ending. You can mix and choose any combo you want.



I used to always struggle with how to enunciate Charcuterie properly. Hopefully this helps someone else out as well.


Means, cold cuts collective; A store selling cold cut meats. This practice dates back to the middle ages. Where select people of Italy, called Salumerias (food purveyors) provided the wealthy with purveyor meats (usually pork). They were also known to also purveyor cheeses, pasta, bread, and wines. Selling sit down service.


If you're looking for traditional Charcuterie Board Inspiration, and a checklist of essentials, check out this, charcuterie board recipe. And if you are looking for Charcuterie Ideas Low Carb, check that one out.

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