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Dessert Chicken and Waffle

Food festival recipes
Chicken and Waffle Recipe

Chicken and Waffles such a classic comfort food. A twist on a classic in a food festival kind of fun. A while back, some friend and I did a food theme day featuring, chicken and waffle batter. What I showed was my chicken ball recipe, but I had also made these pancake batter shredded chicken batter in these cute heart shapes I show you now. . 1. The Waffles: Make waffles as directed on box, but add cooked shredding chicken. Pancake Batter (1 cup), Chicken (1 Breast) 2. The Glaze: In a small bowl add both Icing Sugar (1 cup), and Milk (1 Tbsp) 3. The Toppings: Choose the toppings as you wish. I did crushed frootloops, skittles, and chipits.


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