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Deboned Stuffed Chicken Recipe. How To Debone A Whole Chicken

Mastering the art of how to debone a whole chicken with this deboned stuffed chicken recipe. The challenge of deboning a whole chicken is worth its presentation. It's delicious fillings and a crispy smokey exterior, for an amazing deboned stuffed chicken recipe. Join me as I show you both step by step on how to debone a whole chicken, but also a full deboned stuffed chicken recipe. WHY DO A DEBONED STUFFED CHICKEN RECIPE?

Gosh, there are so many reasons why to do a deboned stuffed chicken recipe. First, there is such a beautiful presentation to it. You will wow any guest you are serving. Secondly, the fact you can stuff the whole chicken with such beautiful ingredients enhances the taste if your chicken. Pick your favorite to make it the best.


In order to learn how to debone a whole chicken you will need these kitchen essentials.

  • Sharp Knife (boning or small hand held knife will do)

  • Butcher String (4-6 strands)

  • Scissors (optional, but good for those hard to reach places)

  • Gloves (highly recommend because we are dealing with a lot of raw chicken for a lengthy time)


Pellet Grill (We used our Pit Boss Grills Navigator) Pellets (We used Pit Boss Grills, Cherry Blend) BBQ Rub (optional) INGREDIENTS

Whole Chicken Salami (4-6 slices) Marble Cheese (1/2 cup) Poultry Rub (1 1/2 Tbsp)

Ranch Dressing (2 Tbsp)

How To Debone A Whole Chicken. Deboned Stuffed Chicken Recipe


Preheat your pellet grill to 300 degrees. I used my Pit Boss Grills Navigator. Next, lets dive deep into mastering the art of deboning a whole chicken. This is the tedious but rewarding process of creating your deboned stuffed chicken recipe.

  1. How to debone a whole chicken. For this deboned stuffed chicken recipe, first, remove the tail at the bottom. Next, Run your knife along the spine to expose the meat so you can see what you are working with. You only need to score the skin to start. Around the top of the bird, there is a bone that connects the wing to the spine. Locate it on either side and remove it.

2. Next, run your knife along the spine, removing any meat you can. I like using my fingers to feel around to really get as close to the bone as possible. Once you get to the bottom you can detach it on either side. Now you should be able to pull it back and remove the spin completely, leaving as much chicken as we can. This tutorial for how to debone a whole chicken is easy.

3. Now my favorite part of deboning a whole chicken, locate the wish bone. I don't know why, but its always so fun. Remove at the top then use it as a guide to run your knife down the breast bone to remove it. Again going as close to the bone as you possibly can. I use my fingers a lot to feel around as there are lots of tiny bones. Meticulously remove all the meat until you have completely removed the breast bone. For this deboned stuffed chicken recipe, we leave the wing and drum stick bone for presentation. So lately for this how to debone a whole chicken all we need to do is remove the leg bone and your all ready to make your deboned stuffed chicken recipe.

PRO TIP Run your fingers along the meat, feeling for any loose bones. The worst thing is missing one and then one of your guests are surprised by it. They are easy to feel so just take the time.

4. With your pellet grill preheated at 300 degrees. Stuff your chicken with your favorite ingredients. I used some ranch, salami, and shredded marble cheese. With your butcher string already ready to use, roll each side of the chicken up onto itself and secure with butcher string 2" apart for one another. Season the outside with your favorite poultry seasoning. Place your deboned stuffed chicken recipe right onto your grill grates and smoke until an internal temperature of 165 degrees. It can do higher in the legs. This will take approximately 1 1/2 hours. Let rest for 5-10 minutes before carving into it.

Deboning a stuffed chicken is undoubtedly a culinary skill worth mastering. With practice, you'll find it becomes more intuitive, allowing you to experiment with various stuffing combinations and techniques. So, roll up your sleeves, sharpen your knives, and embark on a flavorful journey of deboning stuffed chicken – your taste buds will thank you! IF YOU LIKED THIS TUTORIAL, YOUR ARE SURE TO LOVE THESE AS WELL

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