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Beef Finger Ribs. BBQ Beef Finger Ribs.

Beef Finger Ribs? Have you ever heard of them? THEY ARE DELICIOUS and totally underrated cut of beef. Beef finger ribs are simply just beef back ribs with the bones removed. They are the exact same beef we love only these tend to cook faster without the bone. Let me show you a easy and delicious way to make BBQ beef finger ribs.


Beef finger ribs is the beef in between beef back ribs. Other name for beef finger ribs is "boneless beef ribs", "boneless rib meat", or "boneless rib fingers". Butchers will remove the meat from the bones of beef back ribs making them almost look like long fingers. It is a tougher cut of beef and needs to be smoked low and slow or marinated to help make them more tender. Some people will place them in a crock pot or stew to tenderize them. I will show you the most delicious way to render that hard fat and make these beef finger ribs so fall apart tender. Let's make these BBQ beef finger ribs together. WHY REMOVE THE BONE of BEEF FINGER RIBS? Good question! We have come to know the saying, bone = flavor and I stand behind that. So why would a butcher remove the bone of beef finger ribs? Why not just make beef back ribs? If a butcher is making long bone in ribeye or "Tomahawk" steaks, they need to remove the beef in between the bones. It is also faster to cook. Because of it smaller stature, the fat renders slightly quicker without the bone. Luckily we still get to eat these delicious beef finger ribs ESPECIALLY making BBQ beef finger ribs.


HOW DO YOU PREPARE BEEF FINGER RIBS? There are many ways your can prepare beef finger ribs. Today I will show you three ways how to SMOKE BBQ beef finger ribs. First I will show you how to prepare your beef finger ribs just how they are. Second I will show you how to do burnt ends beef finger ribs. Lately I will show you how to do something special and lollipop you beef finger ribs. All three was will be smoked the same, the timing will be slightly differently. You will prep, smoke, braise, and rest each method based off of internal temperature.

beef finger ribs


Pellet Grill (I used my Pit Boss Grills Navigator)

Pellets (I used Pit Boss Grills Cherry blend) Baking Sheet with grate

Aluminium Pan and Foil

PREP To start these BBQ beef finger ribs, preheat your pellet grill to 250 degrees. I used my Pit Boss Grills Navigator. Next take your beef finger ribs and remove any excess fat. I do leave on the membrane but you can remove it if you prefer. Using about 1/4 cup mustard, coat your beef finger ribs in all sides. This is the binder we will use but you won't taste it once rendered so don't worry. Next coat your beef finger ribs in your favorite beef rub. I used Chop House by Pit Boss Grills.


With your pellet grill preheated to 250 degrees. Place your prepped beef finger ribs onto a baking sheet with grate. Smoke low and slow to render all those tough hard fats. This can only be done by slowly rendering. Smoke until an internal temperature of 165-175 degrees. You should also have amazing bark to your BBQ finger ribs by this time.


I like to slightly braise my beef finger ribs in butter and BBQ sauce. Once you get to 165-175 place your smoked beef finger ribs into an aluminum pan and place some butter pads and 1 1/2 cups of BBQ sauce. Cover with aluminum foil and place back on your grill. After about an hour your internal temperature should be around 200 degrees.


After your BBQ beef finger ribs hit an internal of 200 degrees. Keep covered, wrap a towel around the whole tray, and rest in your microwave or cooler for a minimum of 1 hour to up to 3 hours. Enjoy!

Beef Finger Ribs


This is how beef finger ribs come. They are long and skinny and really do look like fingers if you ask me. Here we did a binder, rub, smoked, braised and rested these BBQ finger ribs. Follow the directions above to cook these.

BBQ Beef Finger Ribs


Here we took these beef finger ribs and twirled them into what looks like a meat lollipop. Stuck a skewer through it to hold it all together. This method took slightly longer to cook then the rest as it was more together. Super fun to cook and eat. After all, everything tastes better on a stick. Follow the directions above to cook these.

Beef Finger Ribs


These were by far the most yummiest and most quickest way to do your beef finger ribs. Cut into about 1" cubes and smoked to a tender perfection. They had bark on all sides and rendered quickly. Follow the directions above to cook these.


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