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Homemade Soup Broth | Stretching Your Food

In these times, everyone is trying to stretch their food as far as they can. With food missing on the grocery shelves or the fear of going to the grocery store, stretching your food is more important then ever.

By saving all your vegetable scraps like your onion peels, tops of your carrots and celery, your cabbage cores etc, you can easily make a simple and flavorful broth. I put them in a plastic bag and freeze. Adding every night as I cook. Want to take your broth to the next level? Save your my meat bones too and combine these with your vegetables. I save my t-bone steak bones, chicken carcasses, and any type some usually throw away.

Here are my easy steps to making your own broth:

1. Start nice and early giving your broth tons of time boil out during the day. In a large stock pot, on medium high heat, add all your frozen vegetables and or bones. Add water until all vegetables and bones are submerged. Simmer as long as you can (8 hours or more) stirring occasionally. You will start off with a full pot and most likely have 3/4 to 1/2 the liquid once done. 2. After a minimum of 8 hours boiling, there will be a dark thin layer on top of the pot. Using a ladle to skim and discard all the dark stuff. Those are all the unwanted impurities.

3. Once the broth has semi cooled down, strain the stock pot into large bowl or bowls. Having an extra set of hands for this process is a bonus but not needed. Having it cooled down will help you not to burn yourself with steam or liquid as its a big pot. 4. Cool broth in fridge over night or for a couple hours. Skim any fat at the top collected. Strain again with a cheese cloth of fine strainer. Store in sanitized glass containers. Freeze for 1 year or store in fridge and use within 5 days.



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