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Pamper Yourself with Oh Baby Boxes

Staying sane during this pandemic is tough. Staying sane while pregnant is like being on a hormonal wild roller coaster ride you'd prefer not to be on.

The up's the down's the in between's. The doctors appointments and hospital visits. The - will this baby and I be ok? The - will my spouse be allowed in the delivery room. And if it's your first, the disappointment of not having a baby shower.

@OhBabyBoxes (www.ohbabyboxes.com) is a box full of Mama goodies to pamper the expected mother to be. Want to give yourself an extra boost or know someone who is not having a baby shower? Subscribe or get a one time gift box, it is that simple. Each box has over $100 worth of products for only $39.99.

Here is what I received in my box:

1. Ursa Major | Go Easy Shampoo (www.ursamajorvt.com) This gentle shampoo perfect for pregnant Mama's delicate skin and scalp as well as deep cleans and hydrates your locks. 2. Manna Kadar Beauty | Champagne Charcoal Body Scrub (www.mannakadacosmetics.com) Thij7s champagne charcoal body scrub removes dirt and build up, leaving the skin to reveal smoother looks and feel. It also helps to reduce stretch marks.

3. OH BABY BOXES | Totes Preggo Tote Bag (www.OhBabyBoxes.com)

4. OH BABY BOXES | Birthing Affirmations Cards (www.OhBabyBoxes.com)

These help empower and nurture your connection with your baby throughout pregnancy and labor.

5. Dr. Botanicals | Pomegranate Superfood Regenarting Sleeping Mask (www.drbotanicals.com)

This overnight mask helps recharge while you sleep leaving your feel recharged and bright.

6. OH BABY BOXES | Mama to-do list sticky Notes (www.ohbabyboxes.com)

7. Maskeraide | Spotted detoxifying Blemish Patches (www.maskeraide.com)

Zap those blemishes caused by pregnancy easily.

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