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Fall Fest | Fall Themed Foods and Fall Themed Table

Fall Foods.  Fall Themed Foods. Fall Recipes.
Fall Theme Table

Anyone else getting the fall fuzzies like I am? I just love the cozy side to fall. Comfy slippers, warm drinks, bon fires, and fall colours.

With everything happening in the world, and fall fairs across the country canceled, it was fun to get together with a couple of friends, cook some Fall themed foods, and share the love of the two best F WORDS Fall and Food with #6ix Fall Fest.

Joined together to bring some fall recipes with @QueenOfTheGrill and @FosterFeasts to bring a fun day full of games, fall themed foods, and laughs. Be sure to check them out to see what they brought to the table.


Nothing screams Canadian like Bacon. I smoked Pork Belly Burnt end on my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200. Rubbed down with Louisiana Grills Sweet Heat Rub, and Drizzled with Carrick Bros Maple Syrup.

We like to be interactive with our friends on Instagram so we played some games on both our stories and live. First, on our stories, we played a "Guess How Many Popcorn Kernels In This Jar Game?" Everyone loved to share their guesses which ranged from 45-499 kernels. The CORRECT answer was 125! Next Up - L I V E - we played "Burger Throwing". Where instead of the popular game, Axe Throwing, we threw BBQ Burgers. @QueenOfTheGrill was Mustard, @FosterFeasts was Ketchup, and @ScaleAndTailor was BBQ Sauce.


Steph from @FosterFeasts brought 3 different versions of absolutely delicious smoked caramel apples. Fall is full of the leaves changing and apple picking. Add a sweet and savory twist to a fall staple with this fall themed food. Make sure to check her out for the recipe.


Whenever I go to a fair, I love trying out the epic food truck food that comes along with it. This recipe sure does not fall short. Paula from @QueenOfTheGrill pulls out a show stopper with these epic recipe. A Lasagna Stuffed Burger Bun. Fall Themed Foods to the extreme. Make sure to check her out for the recipe.

- All recipes done on Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200. - Fueled by Pitmasters Choice Pellets

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Sep 16, 2020

You all knocked it out of the park on this one!

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