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Griddle Hot Spots | Griddle Tips And Tricks | Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron Griddle

Every griddle is built differently and has different cooking zones. Today I'm going to show you how to figure out your temperature zones aka griddle hot spots on my Pit Boss Grills cast iron griddle. I want to provide you with the best griddle tips and tricks so you can feel like a professional on your griddle.

1. First, fire up your Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron Griddle to medium-high heat. It is important to make sure all elements are at the same temperature to get an accurate reading on your griddle hot spots.

2. After about 5 minutes of warming up your griddle, place a loaf of bread evenly over your griddle top. Grill for approximately 4- 5 minutes before flipping.

3. Flip all your pieces of bread over to reveal how cooked they are. You will see your griddle hot spots, low spots, and all temperature hot zones.

CONCLUSION: Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron Griddle

LEFT - Hot Heat

RIGHT - Low Heat

TOP - Medium Heat

MIDDLE - Hot Heat

BOTTOM - Low Heat

I used my Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron Griddle. I've had this griddle for approximately 4 years and I'm still in love with it. As long as you store, and clean your griddle properly, it will stand the test of time.

If your looking for a griddle - CLICK HERE - where you can find their wide variety of different griddles and grills.

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