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Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets | Canadian Wood Pellets

NEW BAG, WHO DIS! Check out Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets new bag with zip lock tops, and new look. They are adding locations across Canada daily so check out their website to see the closest supplier around you today!!


Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets are long burning, great tasting, clean pellets for your smoker. Chosing quality Canadian Wood Pellets makes all the difference to the taste of your food. Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets are made FRESH from 100% clean raw wood sources. They have two great tasting blends. Their Gourmet Competition Blend (Hickory, Cherry, Apple, Oak) and Blend (Apple, Cherry, Maple, Pecan). Both have great tasting profiles.


USE COUPON CODE "SCALEANDTAILOR10" for a 10% DISCOUNT . This family owned business from the GTA (General Toronto Area) offers FREE SHIPPING. Is also in @LuxeBBQ (Manitoba) & @Wickerland (Calgary & BC) who is also LOOKING for distributors across Canada!! Check out @PitmastersChoicePellets for more details.


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