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Cinnabon Bacon Twists. Cinnamon Bun Bacon Twists.

Cinnabon Bacon Twists. With over 12 million views on socials, this viral recipe is THE one to try. With only two Ingredients and one delicious combo - this Cinnabon Bacon Twists recipe is delicious. This sweet and salty game day snack with the perfect mash up of Cinnabon and Bacon twisted together for an amazing experience. Let’s make them together.

CINNABON BACON TWISTS - COMMON QUESTIONS IS THE BACON COOKED? Yes, it is slowly rendered with the Cinnabon mixture. I cook my bacon well pasted 165 degrees and prefer it on the crunchier side. WASN'T THE DOUGH OVERCOOKED? No, the bacon grease and low temperature keeps it cooking evenly with the bacon. CAN YOU PRECOOK THE BACON? Of course you can. If you want to pre-cook your bacon for a definite crispy bacon, do it!

CAN YOU COOK THIS IN YOUR OVEN? Of course you can. Use the same temperatures and times in your oven. If you didn't know this, a pellet grill acts much like you oven and recipes can be interchangeable.

These Cinnabon Bacon Twists or as some like to call them cinnamon bun bacon twists are SUPER easy to make and a crowd favorite. Use it as your next appetizer or game day snack. I love to also use the icing that comes with it for that extra sweet flavor.

I used thicker bacon, but you can also use regular sized bacon. Just adjust the time it is in there and watch for your desired crispiness. I smoked mine to get that extra smokey flavor, but you can also do these Cinnabon Bacon Twists in the oven.


🥓 Preheat your @pitbossgrills Navigator to 350 degrees. Prepare your cinnabon bacon twists by popping your Cinnabons over and cut them each in half. You will use one whole strip of bacon per 1/2 Cinnabon. First twist your bacon and then twist your Cinnabon and bacon strip together.

🥓 Place them on a wired rack with tray. Put them directly on your grill grates for approximately 1 hours. Let them almost fully cook before you ice them. Enjoy! **PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN FOLLOW THE SAME RECIPE BUT USING YOUR OVEN. SAME TIME AND TEMPERATURES***

I also made a Christmas Tree version for the holidays that you can try. Same steps in the recipe only shape your cinnabon bacon twists into a tree shape. Here is a video below for your reference.


Cinnamon Bun Bacon Twists. Cinnabon Bacon Twists

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