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Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36. Charcoal Chariots Asado Grill Review.

My backyard feels complete with my new Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36. This Argentinian style grill that is made for asado grilling has entered my grill space. Let's dive into this Charcoal Chariots Asado Grill Review and let you know after a month of use, how I really feel. Introducing, Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36.



Each grill comes with a grill cover. It is completely made with 304 grade stainless steel. Swivel wheels with breaks on 2 of them. 1 18" thick A grade bricks. Balanced wire cable to adjust your grill grates. The grill grates and drip pan are completely detachable. There is a foldable drawer for easy access to your coals and for easier clean up. Let's dive into this Charcoal Chariots Asado Review. CHECK FULL SPECS HERE:


The art of Argentinian style grilling is not just about food. It is about traditions and fire. Specifically how you light, maintain, and create different hot zones for the meal you are preparing. The Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36 does just that.

WHAT ARE MY FAVORITE FEATURES Where do I even begin. There are so many features to this grill that make it superior. I love the "V" shape grill grates that are on a slight angle to a drip tray. This makes for easy grill cleaning during and after your cook. Both the grill grates and drip pan are completely removable. You can throw them into your dishwasher for a crystal clear finish. I also love how the whole unit is on wheels. and can move around based on wind conditions. I really do love my Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36. WHY I DECIDED TO ADD MY CHARCOAL CHARIOTS FLAMMA 36 TO MY BACKYARD? When I started my BBQ journey I began on my pellet smoker. It was a fabulous way to enter the scene. Very user friendly being a stay at home mom. Then moved to a Kamado still of grilling. I loved how I manually had to maintain my fire. It was more of a challenge which excites me. Now to open fire, asado grilling. Enter Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36 into the chat. Absolutely a breath of fresh air. I will always grill on my pellet, and kamado grill, but my Asado will always be a favorite.

CLEANING YOUR CHARCOAL CHARIOTS FLAMMA 36 (with video) Cleaning your Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36 is a breeze. First, it is made out of stainless steel. Meaning they are amazing to clean up and rust proof. With a scoop and shovel you can easily remove all burnt charcoal dust, move your fire around, and much more. I love the "V" shape grill grates that are on a slight angle to a drip tray. This makes for easy grill cleaning during and after your cook. Both the grill grates and drip pan are completely removable. You can throw them into your dishwasher for a crystal clear finish. With a wipe clean all over, your grill is ready for its next cook.

The Ritual of Argentinian Asado: Asado is not just a culinary journey; it's a ritual. From choosing the right wood to the careful preparation of the meat, every step is taken with care and consideration. This really does work hand in hand with this Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36.


Choose Quality Meat: Opt for well-marbled cuts from a trusted butcher to ensure a flavorful and tender result.

  1. FIRE MAINTENANCE: Understanding the fire is crucial. Achieve the right balance of heat and smoke by using hardwoods and maintaining a consistent flame.

  2. PATIENCE: Asado is not a rushed affair. Allow the meat to cook slowly, and resist the temptation to flip it too often. This patience will be rewarded with a mouthwatering result.

  3. CHIMICHURRI: Known in Argentinian Style BBQ. The bright and tangy chimichurri sauce is a classic accompaniment to asado. Its blend of herbs, garlic, vinegar, and oil complements the rich flavors of the grilled meat.

CHARCOAL CHARIOTS XL LUMP CHARCOAL Did you know that Charcoal Chariots also carry their own line of XL Lump Charcoal? Well they are do. The best charcoal I've used to date. When I say HUGE chunks, I really mean it. You can tell the quality alone when you look and see how large they really are. They light easily. Making it easy to ignite your charcoal. They burn long, hot, and tastes amazing. That true charcoal sound when lighting up Charcoal Chariots XL Lump charcoal is just the beginning process to lighting your Charcoal Chariots Flamma 36 and I highly recommend picking up a bag to try. WANT MORE ON THE DAILY? JOIN ME ON INSTAGRAM (30k) @ScaleAndTailor - Click here  LIKED THIS REVIEW? YOU ARE SURE TO LOVE THESE AS WELL!! How To Clean Kamado Grill | Kamado Grill Cleaning Griddle Hot Spots | Griddle Tips And Tricks | Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron Griddle

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