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Pit Boss Grills Champion Review | Pit Boss Grills Barrel

I know the Pit Boss Grill Barrel LOOKS like a beast, but is it really? Does it do the job of a traditional barrel smoker? Let's dive into this Pit Boss Grills Champion Review and go over all the features, my favorite parts, my not so favorite parts, and if it really is worth the investment. I spotted the Pit Boss Grills Barrel first online. A BBQ friend was at a convention in Las Vegas and showed it off. I immediately knew I had to get my hands on it. Finally arriving in Canada, I snagged one right away. The messages for a full review on this came in floods when I showed it off online. The pressure is on to do PROPER FULL Pit Boss Grills Champion review for you all.

RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX When unboxing this Pit Boss Grills barrel I notice right away how EASY it was going to be to install everything. It basically came all together minus a few handles and screws. I put this Pit Boss Grills barrel together on my own with three kids at home. Trust me, anyone can put this grill together. I provided a sped up version of me putting it together for you all to prove so. This Pit Boss Grills Champion review even comes with behind the scenes instructions.


  • 1158 Square Inches of Cooking Surface

  • Steel Construction

  • 1 Porcelain -Hanging Grate

  • 3 Porcelain - Coated Steel Cooking Grates

  • Built in dolly with wheels

  • Heat diffuser and air circulator

  • Foldable Shelves

  • 5 year warranty

MY FAVORITE FEATURES - PIT BOSS GRILLS BARREL IN and OUT Charcoal Box Finally - a barrel smoker that you can adjust the charcoal with ease. With a swinging door that allows you to access your charcoal basket in seconds, adjusting your flame comes with ease. Installation Tip: Ensure that you installed the handle with the grey felt pad on the outside (not inside) to ensure the handle does not retain heat. You want to make sure you seal this door with the clip and latch when in use. For safety reasons and also to seal the barrel for consistent cooking temperatures. Three Tier Grill Grates Pit Boss Grills Barrel smoker makes it easy to not only have ample grilling space with three grill grates, but also has a three tier system to regulate you cooking temperatures. Want it closer to the coals? Use the first tier. Looking for more of a low and slow cook? Use the last tier. Heat Deflector The Pit Boss Grills Barrel has a heat deflector that is very innovative. Right away I knew it defuse the heat, but also circulate. When I researched more, it is indeed. From Pit Boss Grills website: "The Champion is changing the game with our innovative Reverse Draft Burn System™, utilizing our heat diffuser, air circulator and an external dual adjustable air intake to create an even and consistent air flow throughout the chamber for the duration of your cook" Space I know it sounds funny that I made a whole paragraph on the space of this grill. You are getting a real Pit Boss Grills Champion review with me. With over 1158" of grilling space, this barrel really can hold so mu```ch food at once. I was able to fit a large whole cast iron pan, a small cast iron pan, and a whole prime rib roast... on one grill grate. Really impressed with how much it can hold.

PIT BOSS GRILLS CHAMPION REVIEW After using my Pit Boss Grills Barrel for over a month now..... I'M OBSESSED! It really can do it all with their three tier system. Whatever your dreaming of cooking this grill can do it. I personally love how I am able to hang my meat now. I also love how I can manage my fire easily with the in and out swinging door. It really does have all the bells and whistles of a barrel smoker, PLUS isn't it just such a beast of a grill. I love the look alone and always gets attention when my friends come over. Pit Boss Grills Champion Review - it is amazing! VISIT to learn more about the Pit Boss Grills Barrel and where to purchase. LIKED THIS REVIEW? YOU ARE SURE TO LOVE THESE AS WELL Griddle Hot Spots | Griddle Tips And Tricks | Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron Griddle


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