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Spatchcock Turkey On My Pit Boss Grills | Smoked Turkey Recipe

When you try this smoked turkey recipe, you will never do a turkey in a different way. You would be so surprised how turkey takes on smoke. Crispy skin, juicy and tender inside, with that extra added layer of DELICIOUSNESS. A secret? I stuff bacon under my turkey skin for a slow release of fat to keep the bird super juicy. Let me show you how I did this spatchcock turkey on my Pit Boss Grills.

The first time I ever had smoked turkey, I knew right away, I'd never cook a turkey any other way again. That bacon tucked under the skin, that smoke ring that surrounds the whole turkey, how juicy it turns out.

Spatchcock Turkey On My Pit Boss Grills. Smoked Turley Recipe


PELLET GRILL: I used my Pit Boss Grills Navigator

BUTCHER PAPER: I used my Pit Boss Grills Cast Iron


Spatchcock is a method of preparing a bird - chicken or turkey where you remove the spin, and flatten the breast bone, for a more evenly cooked bird. It cooks a little faster and more even. Don't forget to save that delicious spine to make a broth with afterwards.

This smoked turkey recipe is fail-proof. This easy smoked turkey recipe will surely impress your family and guests. Using a Smoked Turkey Brine 24 hours prior to smoking the turkey, ensures a juicy moist bird, and highly suggest using one, but not necessary. Check Out The Recipe HERE

THE PREP The hardest part about doing a smoked turkey is all the prep. Watch my video as you see from beginning to end how to do a spatchcock turkey on my Pit Boss Grills.

1. DRY. Pat dry and bring the bird up to room temperature. This is a crucial part of prepping your turkey. If it is wet and cold, the butter will not spread over the turkey easily.

2. SPATCHCOCK. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along each side of the spine to remove it. Do not discard, freeze and use it for a soup both at a later time.

3. WINGS. Tuck the wings of your smoked turkey. Using a little elbow power, you must tuck the wings under itself. This prevents burning. See the video for detailed instructions. An alternative is to wrap aluminum foil around them.

4. STUFFING. DO NOT STUFF this bird. Even if you are not spatchcocking this turkey, I suggest NOT stuffing a whole turkey. I loosely placed my orange peels and rosemary sprigs from the brine in it instead for a nice flavour.

5. BACON. I love placing bacon under the skin of my smoked turkey. Some people like to place butter under the skin, but I find the slow release of fat from cooking bacon under the skin, yields a very moist flavorful bird. See the video for complete instructions.

6. BUTTER having your seasonings and butter at hand, evenly spread your room-temperature butter over the entire turkey. Use salt, pepper, and Italian herbs evenly over the smoked turkey. Place your turkey directly on the grill OR on a roasting pan to collect the drippings. (Pro Tip: work at the bottom of your turkey first and then flip and do the top. Make your turkey picture perfect.)


This smoked turkey recipe is so easy, once you have it prepped, the cook is really simple. First, set your Pit Boss Grills Navigator to 250 degrees. Place your smoked turkey on a roasting pan to collect the drippings OR directly on the grill. No need for a water pan or spritzing. Set it and go! Once your smoked turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees, rest for 20 minutes, and then slice. Enjoy!!


- Make sure your turkey is at room temperature and patted dry. This makes it easier to handle.

- Make sure your butter is at room temperature. This will make it easier to spread your butter on your turkey.

- Tuck your turkey wings under itself. This will prevent them from burning.

smoked turkey recipe. spatchcock turkey on my pit boss grills

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