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Fall Themed Table | Fall Fest | Fall Themed Photography

Today marks the first ever Theme Table Thursday, where I showcase different theme table's I've done over the years to help strike your creativity when it comes to HOSTING and FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. Teach you some tips on balancing your theme tables AND Photography Tips


Since here in Canada we are feeling ALL of the Fall vibes and it's the first week of Fall I thought I'd show off our Fall Fest Theme Table. I came together with @QueenOfTheGrill and @FosterFeasts to create this fun fall day. Check out their pages for reels and posts of our #6ix Fall Fest 2020.

COLOR Fall Fest Theme color scheme was rich and warm tones. We were outside BBQing so I wanted it to also have some rustic fall fair flare. I didn't use a tablecloth this time, as the sharp black top as I knew it would look great in photos. Catch a glare off of some clouds in the sky. When creating fall themed photography, always remember color. The balance of color within photography is what attracts the eye. Especially when you are photographing beige or brown food. Balance it out with pops of colors like greens and reds.


Theme Table Tip #1 - When doing a theme table, it is important to have both vertical and horizontal aspects of your table. Some tall and some short items (usually short items ie: food are easy). Here I used Leaves, wooden craft, and tall sunflowers to balance the horizontal and vertical elements. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE FULL FALL FEST AND RECIPES - Check Out

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Sep 24, 2020

Good job!

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