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How To Make A Juicy Homemade Burger

Best Homemade Burger Recipe

I wanted to name this blog: "How To Make The Most Moist Burger" but Justin Trudeau saying "moistly" took all the fun out of it for me.


Often what turns people off from a homemade burger rather then a frozen one is they can be dry or crumble on your grill. Over the years I've use a few none traditional hacks to ensure a mouth watering MOIST burger. . Tip One: Use Regular Ground Beef. DO NOT use lean ground beef.

Tip Two: Don't use breadcrumbs. Instead panade some bread ie: soak bread and milk (or milk substitute) for a few minutes. Once completed absorbed add to meat mixture.

Tip Three: No big chunks. If adding onion of cheese make sure its diced finely. This help the burger not crumble while cooking.

Tip Four: Push little pockets in the middle of each patty. This helps the burger to evenly cook. Tip Five: Have fun with it. Play around with seasonings and sauces (but make sure not to over sauce)


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