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Mini Blooming Onions | Fried Pearl Onions | BBQ Fried Food

Mini Blooming Onions. This fair food vibe made with only 3 ingredients tasted just like the big blooming onions. Fried pearl onions in a thick pancake batter with a chipotle ranch - is where it's at. Let me show you how you can do absolutely anything in your backyard that you can in your kitchen with BBQ fried food.

I love the sweet taste of the thick pancake batter. Its thick and chunky. Holds up fantastic to the yellow pearl onions. These mini blooming onions really do taste like the fair food favorite. Let me show you how to so fried pearl onions - BBQ fried food style.

I truly believe that you can get outside with your family - even in our Canadian winters and grill amazing foods. I use my Louisiana Grills - Kamado K24 to fry these mini blooming onions. I always use my Kamado while doing BBQ fried food. Beware though there are challenges while frying food in open fire. If your not comfortable, do it on your stove top in a cast iron pan.


Yellow Pearl Onions

Pancake Batter

Vegetable Oil


These fried yellow pearl onions in a pancake batter (thick) tastes exactly like a blooming onion only mini and easier. Fair food favorite done right at home 🎡🎢🧅Let's make these Mini Blooming Onions together.

Heat your Louisiana Grills Kamado to high heat. Place your cast iron pan with vegetable oil. Ensure your oil is 350 degrees or higher and you’re ready to fry.

De-shell all your yellow pearl onions. Dip in a thick pancake batter for that sweetness. And into your oil. Your mini blooming onions will fry for approximately 8-10 minutes. Outside will be crunchy while the inside soft. I dipped with a chipotle ranch. Enjoy!

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