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BRISKET LOLLIPOPS | Burnt End Lollipops | Brisket On A Stick

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Am I ever excited about these Brisket Lollipops! Move over pork belly lollipops - HELLO brisket on a stick. These burnt end lollipops are grilled just like they sound, just like brisket burnt ends. Traditionally you smoke a whole brisket and then make burnt ends. We skipped a whole step, made it easier, and a whole level more tastier. Follow along as we make brisket lollipops together.

I love creating recipes. I love taking traditional BBQ recipes and giving them a spin. This is one of those recipes I am very excited about. Brisket lollipops give you that delicious bark in every bite. They are juicy, tender, and the true definition of good BBQ.

Traditionally brisket burnt ends are a by-product of making a brisket aka leftovers. You smoke a whole brisket (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SMOKE A BRISKET), then cube them up, cover them in butter and your favourite BBQ sauce, and smoke them once more (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE BRISKET BURNT ENDS). With this Burnt End Lollipop recipe, we make them into burnt ends from the very beginning. Skipping a whole step but not the flavor.

Brisket On A Stick. Brisket Lollipops


PELLET SMOKER (I used my Pit Boss Grills Navigator)

PELLETS (I used Cherry Pellets from Pit Boss Grills)

SKEWERS (because it is such a long cook, I recommend metal ones)

BBQ RUB (I used GSP by Pit Boss Grills)


First, prepare your brisket on a stick by prepping them. I used a small brisket flat for the brisket meat and with a sharp knife, cut 2" strips. Once you have your brisket strips, stick your skewer through them. Next, smother your brisket strips in a mustard binder (don't worry you won't taste it and will render down) and then your favourite beef rub. I used GSP by Pit Boss Grills, but you can make your own garlic, salt, and pepper rub you like. Place them on a grated baking sheet suitable for your smoker. I poured about 1/2" of water beneath the grate for extra moisture.


Preheat your pellet grill to 250 degrees. Once your brisket on a stick is prepped, and your grill is preheated, place the tray directly on your grill grates. Smoke for a few hours until you reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Once you have and your bark has set, remove the grate from your baking sheet, and place the lollipops directly onto your baking sheet. Add chunks of butter, and your favorite BBQ sauce and toss around to coat them. Cover the baking sheet with aluminum foil and grill for another hour/two or until you achieve an internal temperature of 200 degrees. Once you have, wrap it in a towel, and let rest in a cooler for an additional hour (do not skip the resting stage as it really is important).


Brisket On A Stick, brisket lollipops

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