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Smoked Veal Roast | How To Cook Veal Roast | Veal Roast

Doing a smoked veal roast on your own pellet grill is so satisfying. It is such a tender, juicy and flavourful chunk of beef. A veal roast takes on such a beautiful smoked colour that will have your guests saying wow! I'm going to show you step by step just how to cook veal roast in your very own home in the most delicious way.

Why cook a whole veal roast? When you smoke a veal roast low and slow you really lock in all the juices, unlike a veal cutlet that is very temperamental. You get a beautiful smoke ring and a colour outer crust.

WHAT INTERNAL TEMPERATURE FOR VEAL ROAST? Cook your veal roast until an internal temperature of 145 degrees.


Pellet Smoker (I used my Louisiana Grill Founders Series)

Veal Roast. Smoked Veal Roast. How to cook veal roast.


PREP TIME: 5 Minutes

COOK TIME: 1-2 Hours

GRILL TEMP: 225 Degrees

INTERNAL TEMP: 145 Degrees


Veal Roast (4-6lbs veal shoulder or loin)


How to cook veal roast is really simple. Preheat your pellet grill to 225 degrees. You want to place your veal roast on your grill cold and right from the fridge. This helps get the desired smoke ring grillers love to see.

To prepare you smoked veal roast, simply use your favourite beef rub evenly on all sides of your veal roast. You can use a simple (equal parts) salt, pepper, garlic salt OR I used the delicious Texas Beef Brisket Rub by Louisiana Grills. Place your veal roast directly on your grill grates.

After about an hour, I'd start checking the internal temperature of your smoked veal roast. Depending on the size of your roast, you are looking at about an hour to two hours of grill time to achieve an internal temperature of 145 degrees. Once you do, it's ready to eat. Rest for 5 minutes before slicing and enjoy with your favourite sides. It's that easy how to cook veal roast.


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