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No Wrap Ribs | Smoked Pork Back Ribs | Smoked Ribs on Louisiana Grills Founders

When I started grilling, my favourite thing to do is smoked pork back ribs. It was usually the 3-2-1 method where I wrapped in aluminum foil. I then started to play around and smoked ribs on Louisiana Grills Founders and used butcher paper. All amazing but finally, I went all out and tried no wrap ribs and boy do I ever love them.

Why No Wrap Ribs? You get that extra added layer of smoke otherwise covered up by a wrap. There is some actual pull when eating (perfectly tender, but doesn't lose the bone when you pick it up). When cutting them up to serve, they cut nicely and picture so beautifully. These no wrap ribs have now become my preferred method with smoked pork back ribs.


Pellet Smoker (I used my Louisiana Grill Founders Series)

BBQ Sauce (Optional, I used Junior

Binder (I used mustard)

Apple Juice

No Wrap Ribs. Smoked Pork Back Ribs. Smoked Ribs on Louisiana Grills Founders


Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 7-8 Hours

Grill Temp: 200 / 225 Degrees

Internal Temperature: 195 Degrees


First, let's preheat your pellet grill to 200 degrees. We are going low and slow on these ribs and creating lots of moisture externally since we will not be wrapping. Prepare your soon-to-be smoked pork back ribs by removing the membrane on the back of your ribs. You do this by slipping your finger (or using a butter knife) under the skin and pull off. Coat both sides of your no wrap ribs with mustard evenly and then with your favourite rub. I used Louisiana Grills, Maple Walnut Rub.

PRO TIP: Start with the backside first and then flip to the front, this ensures the top looks perfect. Do not press or rub the rub with your hands, just let it sit.

Once your pellet grill is preheated, you are ready to place your no wrap ribs directly on your pellet grill for approximately 3 hours or until an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

For these smoked pork back ribs, we will let them get a nice smoke bath for half the cook, and then infuse it with moisture with a spritz of your liking. This will keep them nice an juicy. You need moisture to get into these ribs because we aren't creating steam from a wrap. They take extra effort, but it is sure worth it.

Smoked Ribs on Louisiana Grills Founders is absolutely delicious if done properly. After your ribs have had their smoke bath, it's now time to spritz. I used apple juice as I was going for a sweet no wrap rib flavour. Spritz every 30 minutes for the remainder of the cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 195 degrees.

These no wrap ribs create a nice hearty bite, moist interior, and an amazing smoked pork back ribs flavour. Enjoy after resting for 5 minutes.


No Wrap Ribs. Smoked Pork Back Ribs. Smoked Ribs on Louisiana Grills Founders

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