Smoked Porchetta | How To Make Porchetta | Porchetta Roll

A Porchetta roll isn't just for those late-night weddings. I'm going to show you how to make porchetta for any occasion - right in your own home. I love how flavorful and juicy the inside is with a crispy exterior for that extra crunch. Smoked porchetta right on your pellet grill for an even better experience.


For those who think it is going to be a difficult cook and only for the pros to conquer - I'm here to prove you wrong. I'm going to show you with a little bit of preparation, your pellet grill, a porchetta roll technique, you will have the perfect smoked porchetta all your guests will be raving about.


Porchetta is typically boneless pork roast either of pork belly and or including the loin or not. It is a savoury fatty roast slow roasted roast usually with wood for 4-8 hours. Smoked porchetta is usually marinated with savoury spices like fennel with a crispy exterior. It is originated from Italian cuisine and has been adapted all over the world.


I'm going to show you just how easy it is to do a porchetta roll to impress whomever you are serving. All you need is some pork belly, butcher string, and a sharp knife. Follow along on how to make porchetta like a pro.