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Smoked Veal Roses | Smoked Veal | Veal Recipes

Hand me a bouquet of some hand rolled Veal Roses and I'll tell you that's some meat candy made of dreams. Smoked Veal takes on such a fantastic smoke flavor. Add Pork Panko to it and it makes it one of the best veal recipes I've done to date.

You can eat these smoked veal roses on their own, dipped in a marinara, OR throw them on an open faced sandwich to impress your guests. This veal recipe will sure to send your taste buds dancing.

I love making any food into a eye pleasing roses, like my Zucchini Rose Recipe. They are food photographers dreams as these take on Rose like features. These smoked veal roses are so decadent. Slicing each veal cutlet in half length wise, dipping each piece in an egg wash and then in a generous coat of Pork Panko breading substitute.

When you roll these smoked veal roses you want to roll slightly on an angel so that each piece curves downwards, in a shape of a rose. I used toothpicks to hold each smoke veal piece together. You can either smoke / BBQ on a skewer or in a BBQ friendly dish. I used my Yukon Glory Mini Grill Baskets.


Veal (5 cutlets)

Eggs (2, lightly whisked)

Pork Panko (1 cup, pork grinds, breading substitute)


I used my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200 for this cook. Setting this pellet smoker to 300 degrees because I wanted a good smoke, but also keeping tender meat moist for this veal recipe. Using Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets (Gourmet Blend for this cook). Use "ScaleAndTailor10" at checkout for 10% off.

With a shallow plate, I whisked the egg wash. In a separate shallow plate, I poured Pork Panko evenly. Having tooth packs or a skewer on hand its ready to build these smoked veal roses.

For this veal recipe, I cut each veal cutlet in half length ways. Dipped each piece in the egg wash on both sides, and then in the pork panko on both sides. I laid each piece out on my cutting board and rolled slightly on an angle to achieve that veal rose aesthetics. Securing each rose together with either a toothpick or skewer (I did both ways, see video).

Smoking is the method for these veal recipe, but you can also bake at the same temperatures. Set your pellet smoker to 300 degrees for a 45 minutes or an internal temperature of 145 degrees. It is ok to have them slightly pink in the center. Keep in mind you will also see a slight smoke ring.

For this smoked veal recipe you get the smoke flavor, the saltiness from the pork grinds, and the acidity of a marinara sauce. What is also so great about this veal recipe is that is low carb and keto friendly.



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