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Beef Back Ribs | Beef Back Rib Recipe | Beef Back Ribs on Kamado

Beef Back Ribs are my absolute favourite. I make them almost weekly. This time I did beef back ribs on Kamado K24 - aka low and slow over charcoal. With this beef back rib recipe, I'm going to show you the complete steps in perfecting THE BEST BEEF BACK RIBS!! Stick around.

There are multiple different ways you can cook beef back ribs. You can do smoked beef ribs, slow cooker beef ribs, you can braise them in liquid. The main goal is to develop a nice bark on the exterior (locking in the juices), wrapping (or braising) for some moisture, and resting (in my option the most important step). This beef back rib recipe will have your ribs tender yet SO flavourful.

BEEF BACK VS. SHORT RIBS When trying to figure out which is which. Beef back ribs have the meat beside the bone. They can be in cut individual or as a rack. Short Ribs have the meat on top of the bone. They also can be as a rack or cut individual.


I know when you look at your beef ribs you will want to keep as much meat as possible, but trimming is an absolute must when doing beef back ribs. Any hard fat will not render and end up in your mouth to chew - It is best the beef gets as much exposure as possible to render the other fats down. For this Beef back rib on Kamado, you want to KEEP the silver skin on the back. This helps keep the meat on the bone throughout the smoking process. For this beef rib recipe, I started with a mustard binder, and Louisiana Grills Texas Beef Brisket Rub. Generously coat all sides of the beef back ribs.

PRO TIP: If you're looking for a killer smoke ring, place your beef ribs on the grill on the cooler side (aka do not bring your meat to room temperature).


Setting my Louisiana Grills Kamado K24 to 250 degrees by opening it slightly - 1.25 on the top vent and as well as the bottom vent - 1.5 marked on the grill vents. You want to place a water pan under the grill grates to provide ample moisture. You can use a re-usable pan or shallow dish. Going low and slow really ensures it develops a nice bark on the beef back ribs on Kamado.

For this beef back rib recipe, there are three main sections of this long cook. We grill low at 250 degrees to develop a nice outer bark. Once this develops OR you hit an internal temperature of 165 degrees, the next stage is the "moisture" stage. This is when you will wrap in butcher paper or aluminum foil. This will trap all the moisture within itself and tenderize the meat.

You will want a meat thermometer to keep track of the internal temperature of your beef back ribs. After the wrap, you want to see an internal temperature of 200 degrees. Then it is the last and in my opinion the most important step. Rest your ribs! Wrap in a towel and put them in your microwave or cooler. I would rest them for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure


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