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Smoked Beef Lollipops | Beef Lollipop Recipe | Manhatten Style Beef Short Ribs

Smoked Beef Lollipops have taken centre stage for the most fun short rib recipe to date. This beef lollipop recipe shows you step by step how to trim, tie, and create the most delicious manhattan style beef short ribs on your grill. Let me show you exactly how you can create this epic BBQ cook in your own backyard.

There are multiple different ways you can cook beef back ribs. You can do smoked beef ribs, slow cooker beef ribs, you can braise them in liquid. The main goal is to develop a nice bark on the exterior (locking in the juices), wrapping (or braising) for some moisture, and resting (in my option the most important step). This beef lollipop recipe will have your ribs tender yet SO flavourful.

BEEF BACK VS. SHORT RIBS When trying to figure out which is which. Beef back ribs have the meat beside the bone. They can be cut individually or as a rack. Short Ribs have the meat on top of the bone (as seen below). Beef short ribs can be as a rack or cut individually, cut horizontally into a flanken cut, English cut, or this manhattan style.


is when you cut the main beef, along the bone. Detaching half of the meat. You then flip it onto itself, and secure it with butcher string, making it look like a beef lollipop. You want to smoke these low and slow like you would a regular beef short rib. Here is how I did mine.

Beef Lollipop Recipe.  smoked beef lollipops


PELLET GRILL: I used my Pit Boss Grills Navigator

PELLETS: I used Competition Blend by Pit Boss Grills

BEEF RUB: I used, BOO YAH by TX Brew and BBQ




BBQ SAUCE (Optional)


Preheat your pellet grill to 225 degrees. Prepare your manhattan style beef short ribs by first cutting along the bone halfway. Flip this piece of meat onto itself and secure it with butcher string. You can clean up the bone on either side if you prefer. Another option is to cover the bone with aluminum foil to prevent it from darkening during grilling them.

Next, use a mustard binder on all sides and your favourite beef rub. I used, Boo Yah by TX Brew and BBQ. Place them onto the grated aluminum pan. Add about 1/2" of water to the bottom of your pan to provide extra moisture to your beef lollipop recipe.


Make sure your smoker is preheated to 225 degrees. We want to really give a nice smoke and barky look to these beef lollipops. Place your aluminum pan and ribs directly onto your grill. You're looking for an internal temperature of 165 degrees during this stage.

Once you achieve it, remove the grate, place your ribs down into the pan, and pour some beef broth over your ribs (about 1 cup), covering them with aluminum foil. You can bump the temperature of your grill up to 250 degrees now. This is the braising stage, where your meat will really tenderize. Once you reach a final temperature of 190 degrees you can remove it from grill, cover in a towel or meat swadle as a whole, and place it in your microwave or cooler to rest. In my opinion, the rest period is the most important step. Rest your beef lollipops for at least an hour.

Enjoy with your favourite BBQ sauce or on its own. You can eat these right off the bone OR shred them up for tacos. This beef lollipop recipe is so versatile with such succulent juicy beef. Enjoy!


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