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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Ever want to have a five-star meal without getting out of your pyjamas? Or How about surprising your love with a fancy date at home without going downtown Toronto? Canadian meal kits just got a classy overhaul. CHEFDROP meal kits are produced by FAME, such as Celebrity Chef, Food Network Top Chefs Canada Judge, Mark McEwan. ChefDrop Meal kits are by far one of Canada's classiest and best meal kit companies.

Chefdrop meal kits make top restaurant-quality meals accessible to those located outside the city. Now Southern Ontario can receive award-winning chef and restaurant meals without the drive into the city. Connect with some of the best chefs and restaurants with these Canadian Meal Kits.

My favourite part and the reason I declare Chefdrop one of the best meal kit companies (and I've tried almost all of them now) is that almost all of the prep work is done for you. I tried the Bymark Burger by celebrity chef Mark McEwan where the King oyster mushrooms were prepped, the brie was sliced, the potato salad with completely done. All we had to do was grill the burger - that's it.


Chefdrop meal kits deliver across southern Ontario. You can use the code "DROP20" to receive $20 off any order of $60 or more plus free shipping. Click HERE to go to Chefdrop and see all the selections!


Chefdrop meal kits make cooking for any occasion a classy event. The best part, and unlike any other meal service I've experienced, is they do almost ALL of the work for you. All you have to do is the finishing work like grill your burger, or saute fresh vegetables. They do not sacrifice the quality of the food and provide easy step-by-step instructions for the rest.

After all, do you think celebrity chef Mark McEwan (Food Networks Canada Top Chef Canada Judge) is going to give you all his secrets, like his delicious potato salad that is already done and ready to go with the Bymark Burger.

How about Celebrity Chef Adrian Forte (on Food Networks, Chef In Your Ear, Chopped Canada, and much more) with his Lobster Rundown. We get his winning curry sauce base and all his secrets. He does all the work for us! We proof and bake his coconut milk bread even. I'm still dreaming of this meal clearly.

This was the delicious Bymark Burger. The Truffle Aioli, King Oyster Mushrooms, Brie was Sliced, and Potato salad was all prepped and done. All we had to do was grill the already formed burger patties - that's it. The best meal kit companies prepare all the goods they can, like this one.

Can't make it into the city? Don't feel comfortable in restaurants yet? BUT STILL, WANT TO HAVE A RESTAURANT-QUALITY MEAL? Canadian Meal Kits just flex hard with Chefdrop Meal Kits. You can use the code "DROP20" to receive $20 off any order of $60 or more plus free shipping. Click HERE to go to Chefdrop and see all the selections!

This winning Lobster Rundown by celebrity chef Adrian Forte. The curry base sauce was done, the coconut milk bread was done, all we had to do was proof the bread, saute the vegetables, and this luxury delicious meal was ours. I cannot get over how easy yet classy I feel with Chefdrop Meal Kits. (Whole lobster not included - but watch the video to see the massive amounts thrown into the sauce)

WANT MORE? Check out ALL of CHEFDROPS meal kits over at their website and don't forget to use the code "DROP20" for $20 off your order of $60 or more plus free shipping.

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