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Fire Roasted Ravioli Chips | Gameday Food | Smoked Appetizers

Fire Roasted Ravioli Chips are the perfect gameday finger food that's dippable and oh so crunchie. Coated in Cheezits and Smoked to a perfect crisp.

I wanted to create a unique recipe for this gamday food idea. Smoked appetizers are always on my mind during Sunday game days as I'm usually already smoking low and slow for dinner. Fire Roasted Ravioli Chips, my husband was so pleasantly happy with this creation.


Ravioli 8-10 (Fresh Store Bought OR Homemade - any type)

Cheezits (1 cup, crushed)

Egg (1, beaten)


I started this cook by preheating my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200 to 350 degrees. Then prepared my fire roasted ravioli chips. First, in a medium zip lock bag, I put the cheezits in and crushed them with a heavy spoon. Tip: remove most of the air from the zip lock bag so you don't "pop" the bag while crushing.

Using two small bowls, place the eggs in one and the crushed cheezits in another. With a grated baking sheet at hand, dip each fresh ravioli in the egg on both sides, and then dip and coat in cheezits. Place on a baking sheet.

With this smoked appetizer, we are not cooking the noodles by boiling them but rather smoking them into crispy yummy chips. This Gameday food will have all your guests impressed.

With my Louisiana Grills Black Label preheated at 350 degrees, I smoked them for 30 minutes. I used Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets, fruit blend for this cook. "SCALEANDTAILOR10" for 10% off.

I served this gameday snack with marinara sauce but my husband loved to dip his Fire Roasted Ravioli Chips in ranch sauce. Your choose :)



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