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Louisiana Grills K24 Review | Kamado Griller | Louisiana Grills Kamado K24

Becoming a Kamado Griller is something I've always wanted. When I saw the Louisiana Grills Kamado K24, with its signature Canadian Charcoal colour, sleek design, with top of the line accessories, I knew this was the kamado grill for me. This Louisiana Grills K24 Review will cover all you need to know to give you the full pictures of this grill and its capabilities. Now all you'll have to decide is whether or not you want to grab one yourself.


A Louisiana Grills Kamado K24 or any Kamado Grill is an authentic ceramic charcoal grill. With their ceramic clay dome-like shape they are dependable charcoal grills that handle any temperature you throw its way. They are known for quick temperatures for quick cooks (like searing your steak) or long steady cooks (like ribs). The Louisiana Grills Kamado K24 retains moisture and heat like no other giving you that true authentic charcoal flavour.


I personally wanted to challenge myself with real fire and real control. I wanted to learn from the very beginning how it all works. How to control the top vent and the draft. How much charcoal to use and for how long? How do reach AND maintain temperature. I understand the science behind food, now I want to play with different techniques and bring you all along with me while doing it. Stick around as I dive into the whelm


Becoming a kamado griller on this authentic charcoal grill will set your food on fire - and in the best way possible. With their 24" clay dome design to lock in moisture making your food absolutely delicious. This Louisana Grills K24 Kamado insulates and locks in temperatures easily with it's top vent and draft that are BOTH numbered for easy reference for your next cook. It also has two teir 304 grade stainless steel grill grates so you have load up your grill and feed the whole family, no matter what.

- Numbered Vents for easy reference

- Two Teir Stainless Steal Grill Grates

- Branded handle and side shelves.

- Temperature Gage on Lid

Join me on my adventure in learning charcoal grilling with this Louisiana Grills Kamado K24 Charcoal Grill. Stay tuned for more recipes HERE!


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