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Smoked Beef Back Ribs | Smoked on Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Beef Back vs. Short Ribs. Smoked beef back ribs. beef back rib recipes. Louisiana Grills Black Label
Smoked Beef Back Ribs

Smoked beef back ribs are one of my favorite things to smoke on my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200. Taking my time to create and build a thick bark making this one of the best beef back ribs recipes. BEEF BACK VS. SHORT RIBS When trying to figure out which is which. Beef back ribs have the meat beside the bone. They can be in cut individual or as a rack. Short Ribs have the meat on top of the bone. They also can be as a rack or cut individual.


Usually there is no trimming needed unless there is a big fat cap that will not render while cooking. You want to KEEP the silver skin on the back. This helps keep the meat on the bone throughout the smoking process. For this cook, I started with a mustard binder, and @QueenOfTheGrills beef rub and used Pepper Mate to grind it a little finer. This is a easy beef back rib recipes.


Setting my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200 to 225 degrees. Going low and slow really ensures it develops a nice bark on the smoked beef back ribs. I placed my ribs directly on the rack, with a water pan beside it for moisture.

Using Louisiana Grills "SMOKEIT" app and meat probe, keep track of the internal temperature throughout the entire cook. You want to an internal temperature of 200 in the end. I've wrapped them at an internal temperature of 165 and also did not wrap them. If you are versed in this method, go ahead and do it, but it is not needed. Both yielded a beautiful moist meat and dark bark. All in all this is the best Beef Back Ribs Recipes | Smoked beef back ribs.

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1 Comment

Sep 21, 2020

Outstanding they look tasty. Is there a lot of salt in the rub? Did you spritz or was the water pan enough?

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