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Porchetta on a Stick | Porchetta Recipe | BBQ Porchetta

Porchetta on a stick!! Need I say more? Ever wanted the delicious taste of BBQ porchetta without having to make a massive whole roast. You might not have the people to feed OR just want to impress your people with this porchetta on a stick. After all, everything tastes better on a stick - it is just science. Stick around as I show you exactly how to make this porchetta recipe.

We did not use a whole pork belly slab, but rather pork belly strips for this porchetta. Using smaller portions but keeping the same traditional preparation technique. We used a 24 hour salt brine to dry out the skin of this BBQ porchetta yet scored and rolled it just like you would a whole porchetta roast.


Pellet Smoker (I used my Pit Boss 150 Table Top)

Pellets (I used, Pit Boss Cherry Blend)

Sea Salt (I used Zoe's Course Sea Salt)

Meat Thermometer (I used, Thermopro TP-06)

Porchetta on a stick. Porchetta Recipe.  BBQ Porchetta

Porchetta on a stick. Porchetta Recipe.  BBQ Porchetta


For those who think it is going to be a difficult cook and only for the pros to conquer - I'm here to prove you wrong. I'm going to show you that with a little bit of preparation, your pellet grill, and porchetta on a stick technique, you will have the perfect BBQ porchetta all your guests will be raving about.


Porchetta is typically boneless pork roast either of pork belly and or including the loin or not. It is a savoury fatty roast slow roasted roast usually with wood for 4-8 hours. BBQ porchetta is usually marinated with savoury spices like fennel with a crispy exterior. It is originated from Italian cuisine and has been adapted all over the world.


PREP TIME: 24 Hours

COOK TIME: 2-4 Hours

GRILL TEMP: 275 Degress

INTERNAL TEMP: 145 or above



We will be doing this porchetta on a stick traditionally, just like you would a porchetta roast by prepping it 24 hours in advance. You prep your porchetta recipe by drying out the skin of your pork belly strips with sea salt and marinading the inside with your spice blend the day before you plan on grilling it. First, prepare your spice marinade and set it aside. For this BBQ porchetta, we did a minced garlic and pesto marinade on the inside.

With your pork belly strips skin side up, begin by poking small holes ALL over the skin. Use a pointed sharp knife or I used a skewer. Later, we will be covering the exterior with coarse sea salt and this will help dry out the skin so it will crisp up during the smoking process.

Next, layout your slab of pork belly strips, skin side down. Score the whole inside vertically with 1/2" cuts. This helps with rolling your porchetta on a stick as well as getting the marinade in every crevice. Evenly spread your minced garlic and pesto sauce all over your pork belly.

Make 90-degree slices on each end of your pork belly strips. This helps you maintain a beautiful spiral look when rolling your BBQ porchetta. Begin by tightly roll your porchetta on a stick from one end to the other. Have your skewer ready to pierce through the whole thing to secure it.

Heavily coat the whole exterior on coarse sea salt (I used the fabulous sea salt from Zoe Olive oil). Place in your refrigerator for 24 hours uncovered.


For this porchetta recipe, heat your pellet grill to 275 degrees. I used Pit Boss 150 Table Top for this cook. Once your grill is warmed up, pat your porchetta on a stick with a paper towel to remove any lingering moisture and sea salt. Next, place your porchetta on a stick directly on the grill grates. Smoke your BBQ porchetta until an internal temperature of 145 degrees or higher. I like to render my porchetta on a stick a little longer (165 degrees) but do to your own preferences.

Make sure you use heat-resistant gloves to remove your hot skewers. Let your porchetta on a stick rest for 5 minutes before devouring. Enjoy on a bun or with your favourite side.


Porchetta on a stick.  BBQ Porchetta.  Porchetta Recipe

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