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Bacon Weave Poutine Cone | Bacon Weave Cone | Bacon Weave Recipe

Bacon Weave Poutine Cone. Yes, you heard correct......bacon weave cone. Harness your fries and top them with whatever your heart desires. I went straight Canadian styles for Canada day with this Bacon weave POUTINE cone.

DONE FIRST!! 2021 Canada Day, Paula from @QueenOfTheGrill and I took of @LousianaGrills Instagram page to bring some epic CANADA DAY food. We both creatively came together to bring this spread of Red and White Wings, Beaver Tails (See Recipe Here), and this Bacon Weave Cone.

Check out my TIK TOK VIRAL video explaining how I made an aluminum foil cone to wrap a bacon weave around to make a cone (PRO TIP: Overlap you seem of the bacon as it will shrink when smoking)

Bacon Weave Cone.  Bacon Weave Poutine Cone. Bacon Weave Recipe

We did ALL of this right on my Louisiana Grills Founders Premier Grill. The Fries were done just as instructed on the package to do in an oven but on our grill. I also did the same with the gravy just in a cast-iron skillet on the grill as well (just as instructed on the package). There is truly nothing you can't do on the Founders Premier Grill by Louisiana Grills.


What You'll Need:

- Bacon (2 packs - not thick-sliced)

- Rub (Optional - I used Maple Walnut by Louisiana Grills)

- Pellet Grill (I used my Founders Premier by Lousiana Grills)


  1. Make Your Cone - Using Aluminium Foil. Wrap aluminum foil around an actual ice cream cone to get the shape OR I used a vase. I used two layers to really make it though to handle me draping the bacon weave over.

  2. Make your Bacon Weave Cone. (See Video) how I layout pieces of bacon horizontally (try not to leave any spaces) and then flip every other slice over, place a piece of bacon vertically in the space. Flip those pieces of bacon back down, and then flip the alternating slices you did not flip up yet. Place another piece of bacon and flip then again, back down. You get the idea now - continue this pattern until all the slices are weaved together. Seeing the video really helps you visualize how to do this bacon weave recipe.

  3. If you're using actual ice cream cones, this will make 4 cones. Anything larger like I did, make approximately 2. Use your aluminum cones and estimate with your large slab of bacon weave cone and cut using a sharp knife accordingly. Drap over your cones. Overlap them and account for bacon shrinkage as it cooks.

  4. Preheat your pellet grill to 350 degrees. For this bacon weave recipe, you are going to slowly render done your bacon weave poutine cone so that it really is hard to hold. Place upside (tip upwards) and smoke for approximately 1 hour or until you can clearly see it's almost crispy and will hold its form. I did not use toothpicks to hold together but you can.




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