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Smoked Brisket on Louisiana Grills Black Label

Smoked Brisket is like the holy grail of the tender loving side of BBQ brisket recipes. So much time and effort goes into a beef brisket recipe that you want it to turn out great each and every time. Here is how I did mine.

The Prep

Using a very sharp knife, I used my Titan Forge Boning knife removing all fat except for 1/4" on the fat cap side, and all hard fat from the other. Make sure to remove all silver skin, this will allow you to build a nice crust on your smoked brisket.

A Smoked Brisket is not fancy. It does not need sweet and decadent rubs. It needs a solid course salt, pepper, garlic/onion powder and you are good to go. I used a mustard binder then a generous coat of @QueenOfTheGrill beef rub. The Cook

Setting my Louisiana Grills Black Label pellet smoker to 225 degrees, place your prepped smoked brisket on the grill. I wanted to build a really nice crust so I went really low and slow to develop a nice thick crust with this bbq brisket recipe.

I used Pitmaster Choice Pellets, Gourmet Blend pellets for this delicious cook. I love these pellets as they are local within Greater Toronto Area, burn fresh, and taste fantastic. Were looking for an internal temperate of 165 degrees before we wrap. You want the smoked briskets bark to be thick and dark, and your meat thermometer to slide in easily to the thickest part of the meat.

I started to spritz the smoked brisket every hour, after the first couple of hours. The mixture I used was a beef broth (1/2 cup), Worcestershire sauce (1 Tbsp), soy sauce (2 Tbsp) mixture. You don't want to use a sweet juice or pop blend on beef. Once my brisket hit an internal temperature of 165 degrees, wrap your brisket tight with either butcher paper or aluminium foil. Place your smoked brisket back onto the grill and leave until the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees.

Once your smoked brisket has reached its final temperate you want to rest your meat. DO NOT SKIP this step. If you want a beautiful juicy and tender brisket, rest your meat for 1-3 hours. I remove from grill, wrap immediately with an old towel, place in my Arctic Zones Titan Cooler (or any cooler will do).

The Slice Once all ready, you want to ensure that you slice this BBQ brisket recipe perfectly. Starting from the tip, cutting against the grain, cut slices 1/4" or pencil thick. Once you get to the point where the there is an upper and lower section with an incredible rendered down fat in between, turn the brisket completely 90 degrees and cut the point against the grain. (Optional: take a good chunk off the tip for brisket burnt ends) If you liked learning how to smoke brisket, you'd probably like these too: Smoked Dino Ribs | Beef Short Ribs



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