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Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu | Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu | Chicken Thigh Cordon Bleu

Love is in the air with this Marry Me, Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu. Cheezits crusted with an ooey gooey cheese and ham inside. This easy chicken cordon bleu recipe will have your whole family wanting more. Smoked right on my Louisiana Grills pellet smoker making it the best Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe out there.

We love on our families by feeding them every day, and that's exactly what our Chickens Farmers of Canada does. Over 90% of them are family ran and operated. They are just like you and I, and why it is so important to L O V E on them every chance we get. This Valentines Day, show your local farmers support be seeking out Canadian Chicken and #LoveCDNChicken


Chicken (4-6 pieces) Cheezits (2 1/2 cups, crushed) Egg (1 Egg, beaten)

Mozzarella Cheese (2 slices per chicken)

Ham (1 deli slice, per chicken) Butcher String (highly recommended)

DIRECTIONS Preheat your smoker to 375 degrees. With a grated baking sheet and cut pieces of butcher string at hand, begin building your rolled chicken thigh cordon bleu. With two small bowls, add the egg in one and the crushed cheezits in another. To crush your cheezits, put in a medium ziplock bag and crush.

Spreading your chicken thigh out, stuff with 2 pieces of cheese and ham (see video for further instructions). Roll and secure with one piece of butcher string. Coat each rolled/stuffed chicken thigh cordon bleu first in the egg and then in the crushed cheezits. Place on the baking sheet and repeat for every smoked cordon bleu piece.

Place in your pellet smoker for 40 minutes or into an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Enjoy immediately (but please insure to remember about the butcher string)

For this cook I used my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200. I used Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets, fruit blend ("SCALEANDTAILOR10" for 10% off).

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